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Terrell Cole of Dark Horse PastriesGrowing up "old school," my family had a passion for making desserts, macaroni and cheese, candied yams, lasagna, and these homemade biscuits that would change your life. In learning how to make these delicious comfort food items, I soon began to realize that cooking for others enjoyment was truly my passion.

I had always had dreams of starting my own business and even thought of names, but I always told myself next time, next week, or even next year. When I decided to open Dark Horse, it seemed overdue in a way. I remember a good friend of mine once talked about opening a hot dog stand in Naperville and then one day BOOM, right across the street from his business, one of his co-workers opened up a brand new hot dog stand, talk about salty!

Growing up my mom always told me, "Whatever you do, don't be good at it, BE GREAT!!! Make people see that you set the bar high for yourself and be sure to take your endeavors to the next level!" Remembering my friend's story and my mom's words of encouragement; I am ready to tackle my lifelong dream of owning my own business and recreating those fantastic items I grew up with. Lucky for me, I am able to bring them to a city that is starving for a business that doesn't just focus on fantastic desserts, but also on catering needs.

As I mentioned, I do believe in taking things to the next level, so imagine this: You walk into your local supermarket and you notice a plethora of desserts you've never heard of or seen before, such as an Irish car bomb cupcake or a limoncelo dessert. The person who makes these desserts is conducting a cooking demonstration AND HE IS LOCAL! C'mon everybody loves to purchase local products in order to give back to their own city while benefitting from deliciousness of the food they have on hand.

So, I present to the city of Naperville my love for pastries and catering, to give this area a cool new look for desserts. Whether it is in a restaurant where desserts have become an afterthought, a supermarket that is looking to sell local items that are a step up from the norm, or in the comfort of your own home for entertainment or personal enjoyment, I can do it all.

Being a "Dark Horse" in starting my own business may seem like a long shot, but I don't want to be like the guy WITHOUT the hot dog stand saying, "Ah, maybe next time, next week, or next year." Now is my time and I am going to set the bar high and take catering to the next level. I believe in this! Take a bite ... and you'll believe it too!

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